Perfecting the hiring formula

“Managing and growing a small or medium-sized business is tough. So much of the success rides on how quickly and effectively you find and hire the right people. Just talk to any successful business owner, and they’ll be quick to tell you that “hiring the right people” is what ultimately lead them to victory.”

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Employers need to avoid ‘bad behaviours’ in hiring process

"Ben Baldwin believed so strongly that finding the right fit between an employer and an employee is essential to a company’s success, he developed a patented software program to prove it." Read more...

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Scaling the business beyond the co-founders

"After securing $7-million in investment capital, things were looking up for Ben Baldwin and Jamie Schneiderman, co-founders of ClearFit. A Series A round of funding meant that they had the resources to grow to their business. But in order to do so, the partners would have to delegate key responsibilities to a new management team. [...]

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Getting the right employees: The key points every job description should have

"Having trouble finding the right employees to help expand your business? You may be turning off prospective new hires by filling your job posts with jargon and unclear expectations." Read more...

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Google Hangout: Grow your business with Intuit and Startup Canada

"The Google Hangout was chaired by Sean Stanleigh, Editor of Small Business at the Globe and Mail and featured: Ben Baldwin, Founder of ClearFit; Margot Crawford, Founder of Business Sherpa Group" Read more...

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Dealer Marketing Magazine: Avoid love at first sight when hiring automotive salespeople

The first step in digging deeper when hiring qualified salespeople is to know what to look for in terms of inherent personality traits or strengths.

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