Mark your “star” candidates with the new Applicant Rating feature

Today we've got some good news about another improvement winging it’s way to you! We release improvements every two weeks here at ClearFit, and we hope they make your day a little bit brighter :).

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Spring Cleaning: Our latest product updates

Spring has sprung! While our team is hard at work on some big exciting new features (more on those soon!), we wanted to tell you about some of the small usability changes we’ve made and new features introduced over the last little while. Think of them as a little spring cleaning.

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How to Read Applicant Reports

The ClearFit Applicant Report is your all-in-one hiring guide. It tells you everything you need to know about an applicant and even guides you through the interview. In this post, we'll go through how you can use it to find your very own star candidate for your job posting. The Overview Page The Overview page [...]

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What Do the Different Levels of “Fit” Mean — Strong Fit

About 5–10 percent of all candidates who take our personality assessment end up scoring as a “strong fit.” These are quite rare; however, not necessarily automatic shoe-ins of course. Consider: Strong Fit — Snapshot: Candidate satisfies at least seventeen of the twenty Attribute Requirements, and Candidate satisfies all five of the five Most Important Attributes [...]

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