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Introducing Our Long-Awaited Book: What to Why

Click here to download the book for free While What to Why is only a twenty-minute read, it has been years in the making and explores a fundamental shift that is changing how leaders build high-performing teams. I wrote it with the hope that it will help you build your own world-class team. Let me [...]

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ClearFit Makes a Major Upgrade to the Candidate Application Experience

Most of you are aware that part of the ClearFit application process is to complete the ClearFit survey. This allows ClearFit to present our employers with the best applicants at the top of their list. This week we unveiled a major upgrade to the candidate experience. Not only is it now mobile enabled, it’s easier [...]

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The Top 6 New ClearFit Features from 2014

Happy New Year! As we launch into 2015, we wanted to take a moment to review some key improvements to ClearFit that were added last year. And credit where credit is due, it’s all because of your feedback! (Thank you for that :) ) Here are some of our favorites: Add Users - If you [...]

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Edit Job Requirements to Get More Targeted Results

There’s a powerful feature hidden in the Job Description Wizard that can help you find the right candidates for your jobs. It’s on our roadmap to make this less hidden, but in the meantime, here’s the scoop... When you mark a requirement on the Job Details page with “Important” or “Must Have,” it becomes a [...]

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Resumes, Now More Readable!

Here at ClearFit, we’re all about the fit for the job (so much that we put it in our name :)…but we know that a key part of evaluating an applicant is reviewing their resume. Which brings me to our latest product improvement, which we’re really excited to announce. This feature falls into the “Wow, [...]

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Use Comments to Save Time When You’re Hiring!

We all know it’s pretty hard to keep track of the process when you’re hiring…. you have a pile of applicants, and you keep looking at the same resume over and over again. Fortunately, ClearFit allows you to comment on the applicants you’ve received. And don’t worry, only your team sees the comments—they are not [...]

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Resume Keyword Tool – Take 2! We heard your feedback

Last month we launched the resume keyword tool to make it easier for you to find the applicants with key skills you required for the job. As part of that feature, the Fit score of your applicants would actually change based on keyword matching.

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