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Jamie Schneiderman is the Founder and CEO of Clearfit. Jamie is a Harvard MBA with over 20 years experience building Fortune 500 businesses such as Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola as well as tech startups. He loves eating from the kids' menu but hates hugs from anyone other than family. Donald is the Head of Content at ClearFit. He’s a best-selling author and former child actor.

The Halo Effect: The Trap That Makes You Hire the Wrong Person

Authors’ note: this post is based on a hiring manager we know. We’ve changed all names and some telling details. A team full of good people is an admirable goal for any leader. But there’s a common trap on the road to a goal like this that has snared many a well-meaning hiring manager, including Martin, who works at an IT services company.

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Mike McDerment: Great Service as an Unstoppable, Scalable Sales Strategy

Founder, Mike McDerment, has led FreshBooks from a humble start-up operating out of his parents’ basement into the world’s #1 cloud-based accounting solution designed exclusively for small service-based business owners. The company has helped more than 10 million users process billions of dollars through its easy-to-use invoicing, expense management and time tracking features. And, while FreshBooks wasn’t an overnight success, it has become a category leader with an army of fanatical users because of its authentic and uncompromising focus on service.

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Mark Organ: Building a Better Sales Team

Successful entrepreneur Mark Organ may have just landed his first Sales VP at his second company, but his story started more than ten years ago, when he and his two partners founded their first start-up, Eloqua. The journey from start-up—three guys sharing the weight of getting their new company off the ground—to being bought by Oracle for $871 million taught Mark a lot about what works for him when building a sales team—and what doesn’t.

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Got junk? How Converting Technology found great employees in a sea of unqualified, unmotivated applicants

When Steven Wieske joined Converting Technology, Inc. as their Operations Manager he realized that he faced a turnover problem in their manufacturing department. But when he tried to fill the empty roles, he discovered an even more alarming issue. As soon as he started posting the open positions he almost drowned in a tidal wave of applicants—and most of them weren’t really interested in the job, and wouldn’t even show up if hired.

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