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ClearFit Badges

In cooperation with Acclaim, by completing the Clearfit Survey, our system will assess your top traits, and issue you a badge showing your strongest attributes. Traits like “Leadership, Innovator, Achiever etc” will allow you to quickly provide potential employers a view of your personality. You can share these badges on your resume, your Acclaim profile and other social & career networks as you see fit!

What is ClearFit?

Clearfit’s self-serve, success-based matching leverages science and data to help leaders answer WHY so they can make better decisions about their people throughout the employee lifecycle

Build and manage diverse teams – Convert data into insights for superior feedback, coaching, and development

Replicate top performers – Easily create custom benchmarks for success for each role in your organization built from your top performers

Predict hiring success – Candidates are matched against your custom benchmarks highlighting those with the highest potential to succeed

Career path and development – Get instant comparisons of employees against all positions in your organization to see which growth opportunities are aligned with their potential

Uncover leadership potential – Objectively identify who within your organization has the potential to be a future manager or leader